引き続き、前回の「Trump, an Outsider Demanding Loyalty, Struggles to Fill Top Posts」の続きです。リンクは以下の通り。



“Many tough things were said about him and by him” before last year’s election, Mr. Abrams, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s assistant secretary of state and President George W. Bush’s deputy national security adviser, said in an interview. “I would have hoped he would have turned toward just hiring the most effective people to help him govern rather than looking back to what we said in that race.”

Mr. Trump has fallen behind the pace of his last three predecessors both in naming senior officials who require Senate confirmation and in securing their confirmations, according to data compiled by the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service. Whereas Mr. Obama had nominated 40 senior officials by Feb. 11, 2009, Mr. Trump had named 34 of them as of Friday. Mr. Obama had 24 confirmed at that point, while Mr. Trump has 14.

The trouble assembling an administration reflects the deeper rift between Mr. Trump and the Washington establishment of both parties. A reality-show businessman with no government experience, Mr. Trump catapulted to power on a promise to break up the existing system. Even after he won the Republican nomination last year, he did little to win over10 those who had opposed him, while his “never Trump” critics within the party kept up11 a steady assault12 on his qualifications and temperament.


ここでも、オバマ政権時との比較をしながらトランプ氏の人事が遅れ気味なことを示し、タイトルの主張(struggles to fill top posts)をサポートしています。





3)fall behind:〜より遅れる




7)nonpartisan:無所属の ※partisanは「熱心な支持者」のほか、軍事用語でパルチザン=ゲリラ、という意味でも使われます



10)win over:説き伏せる、味方に引き入れる

11)keep up:維持する、持続する、〜し続ける




Mr. Trump faces other hurdles, too. With no cadre13 ready to go from past political service, he has been starting from scratch14. His team has been slow to vet15 candidates, and in some cases his choices have had troubles with their business backgrounds or other matters. And Democrats have mounted16 a wall of resistance to his nominations, slowing the process down.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment, but Mr. Trump has disputed17 reports of troubles. “The White House is running so smoothly, so smoothly,” he told a rally18 of supporters in Melbourne, Fla., on Saturday. “And believe me, we inherited one big mess19, that I can tell you.”

The ill20 will between Mr. Trump and much of the Republican establishment works both ways. Many Republicans who might have agreed to work for the president have been turned off21 by what they consider his sometimes erratic22 behavior and the competing23 power centers inside his White House. After firing his first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump found that his initial choice for a replacement, Robert S. Harward, a retired vice admiral24, would not take the job.


準備もなしに物事を進めようとしていること、民主党が「抵抗の壁」を築いていること、などを挙げて、引き続き新政権が苦戦している様子を報じています。最後に登場するMichael T. Flynn=マイケル・フリン氏が辞任したことは日本でも良く報じられていますね。




14)from scratch:直訳は「引っ掻くことから」だが、慣用句として「ゼロから、いきなり」の意味





19)mess:乱雑、散乱 ※形容詞はmessy


21)turn off:興味を失わせる、うんざりさせる



24)admiral:海軍大将 ※陸軍大将はgeneral


最終段落3行目のwhat they consider his sometimes erratic behavior の部分は、considerのSVOC形が基本となっていて、

they consider what (to be) his sometimes erratic behavior

→what they consider his sometimes erratic behavior となっています。



最初の記事は、ニューヨークタイムズから、2017年2月18日の「Trump, an Outsider Demanding Loyalty, Struggles to Fill Top Posts」(忠誠心を求めるアウトサイダーのトランプ氏はトップの人事に苦戦している)という記事です。タイトルの通り、トランプ新大統領が、大臣や補佐官などの人事に苦戦していることを報じています。






MELBOURNE, Fla. — During President Trump’s transition to power, his team reached out to1 Elliott Abrams for help building a new administration. Mr. Abrams, a seasoned2 Republican foreign policy official, sent lists of possible candidates for national security jobs.

One by one, the answer from the Trump team came back no. The reason was consistent3: This one had said disparaging4 things about Mr. Trump during the campaign; that one had signed a letter opposing him. Finally, the White House asked Mr. Abrams himself to meet with the president about becoming deputy5 secretary of state, only to have the same thing happen — vetoed6 because of past criticism.

Mr. Abrams’s experience has become a case study in the challenges Mr. Trump still faces in filling top positions a month into his presidency. Mr. Trump remains fixated on7 the campaign as he applies a loyalty test to some prospective officials. For their part, many Republicans reacted to what happened to Mr. Abrams with dismay8, leaving them increasingly leery9 about joining an administration that cannot get past the past.





1)reach out to:心を通わせる/〜に援助の手を差し伸べる/〜に助けを求める



4)disparage:見くびる、非難する ※paragon:模範、典型

5)deputy:代理人、補佐官 “Deputy Secretary”は、政府用語で「副長官」を意味する


7)be fixated on:〜に執着した。ここでは、選挙戦の時のトランプ氏に批判的な言動を根に持っている、ということ。





As Mr. Trump brings candidates for national security adviser to meet with him in Florida this weekend, he presides10 over a government where the upper echelons11 remain sparsely12  populated13. Six of the 15 statutory14 cabinet secretaries are still awaiting Senate confirmation as Democrats nearly uniformly oppose almost all of the president’s choices. Even some of the cabinet secretaries who are in place may feel they are home alone.

It is not just Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson who has no deputy secretary, much less Trump-appointed under secretaries or assistant secretaries. Neither do the heads of the Treasury15 Department, the Education Department or any of the other cabinet departments. Only three of 15 nominees have been named for deputy secretary positions. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has a deputy only because he kept the one left over16 from President Barack Obama’s administration.

That does not even begin to cover the rest of the more than 4,000 appointments that a president typically makes. In some cases, the Trump administration is even going in reverse. A senior political appointee17 at the housing department, who had already started the job, was fired this past week and marched out18 of the building when someone discovered his previous statements critical of Mr. Trump.

The president’s top Latin America official at the National Security Council was likewise fired after just weeks on the job for complaining about internal dysfunction19 at an off-the-record discussion at a Washington research organization, according to officials, who confirmed a Politico report. The State Department has laid off six top career officials in recent days, apparently out of20 questions about their loyalty to Mr. Trump.











15)Treasury:財務省 treasure「財産、宝物」に由来しています

16)leave over:使わないで残す

17)political appointee:political「政治の」+appointee「任命された人」だが、political appointeeというのは大統領・副大統領などにより任命された、政府機関の要職についた人のこと

18)march out:行進させる、無理に歩かせる 意訳すると、クビになって追い出された、ということ。


20)out of:「中から外へ」の意味で使われることが多いが、ここでは、動機・原因の「〜から」の意味